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restart the heart you gave me
one direction | liam/louis (minor zayn/niall)
future!fic | nc-17 | 25 300 words
warnings :: depression, alcoholism, and (mentions of) self-harm.

"Liam answers the phone, it’s not a number he recognises – he deleted Louis’ a long, long time ago (well, okay, maybe just two months ago and he still gets Louis’ tweets directly to his phone, but still), and it’s not like he remembers the number, not even a few digits – but Zayn sometimes phones from his mum’s phone, or one of his sisters’, or just some other phone that’s not his, because for some unknown reason, Zayn frequently puts his phone down in obscure and unlikely places (plant pot, kitchen cupboard, washing basket, anywhere but somewhere useful). So. Liam answers it." (also on ao3)

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